About us

AffairCraft LTD works with top-of-the-line jewelry designers to provide hand-made, 18K gold jewelry assembly and design service. The company provides special one-piece designs and can accommodate any design request, providing another high-end service to our clients.

AffairCraft LTD has great experience and expertise in the global gems and jewelry industry. The company manufactures and exports gems and jewelry, with a wide variety of models, styles, shapes and colors.

Production line takes place both in Thailand and Cambodia. During production, the stones are subjected to a rigorous quality assurance process by the company's experts and are then sent to an external gemologist inspection at world leading gemology labs such as the GIA and IGI. The company specializes in supply of faceted precious and semi-precious gemstones (rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tourmalines, tanzanites and others) to jewelry factories, jewelry designers, dealers, collectors worldwide. Our gemstones met recognition from many customers over the running period of our company. In jewelry market, we have already gained a reputation of reliable suppliers of high quality gemstones.

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